Read the following instructions before filling the Form:
1. Registration for participation in Convocation is compulsory and spot registration will not be accepted
2. Candidate shall ensure his/her Eligibility as per the notification of the Convocation and shall also ensure his /her eligibility completion of programme of Study before registering.
3. This is a provisional registration and the final eligibility shall be checked and decided by the Examination Branch of the university.
4. Candidate need to enter his /her Roll No and programme of study and name shall appear automatically.The all other details shall be filed by the candidate himself /herself accurately.
5. In case of any query write E- mail at : You may also contact to Mr. Sandip on mobile No. 8397862739 for any information.
6. Candidate shall keep a watch on website for any additional information in this regard and no individual communication will be made.
7. The rehearsal of the event will be done and time & date shall be intimated on the website. Attendance is compulsory